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Younger Age Category analysis provides insight into game development

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Thorough analyses of the seven Younger Age Category events for 2022 have been released, showing how the game of handball is developing across Europe for younger players.

The analyses were carried out for the M18 and M20 EHF EUROs, plus the three M18 EHF Championships and the two M20 EHF Championships, by experienced handball coaches and academics from across Europe.

They analysed data and playing styles from the tournaments to identify trends in the way teams are playing.

Alexandru Acsinte, analysing the M18 EHF EURO in Montenegro, who found for example that all teams were using their wing players as second line players, and goalkeepers are becoming more important.

Wolfgang Pollany, who looked at the M20 EHF EURO in Portugal, said that the quality of offensive play had increased since the M20 EHF EURO 2016, which he also analysed. He also noted that the players' physical condition was excellent.

However, Pollany said poor defence and poor defensive cooperation had resulted in a number of high-scoring games, and goalkeepers had struggled with wing shots.

The full list of analyses can be found here.

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