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E-sports under spotlight in EHF Activities webinar

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The next EHF Activities webinar will put e-sports and gaming in the spotlight and find out what handball could learn from these increasingly popular activities. 

Are e-sports and gaming sports? What can European handball learn from e-sport? And could handball even profit from engaging with e-sports? Those questions will be raised and hopefully answered in the upcoming EHF Activities webinar on Tuesday 11 April at 19:20 CEST.

E-sports turned over more than €1.5 billion in 2022. Half of those aged under 25, and 9 per cent of the global population are gamers. At the same time, traditional sports are facing challenges when it comes to participation levels, often due to other activities being more attractive.

But what makes gaming and e-sports thrive and what can sports – especially handball – learn from them? The discussion will cover whether gaming and e-sports are sports or forms of entertainment, and look at what innovations handball might be able to copy.

Speaker Markos Kern is the founder of e-sports company LYMB.iO - which started life as 'Fun With Balls'. The company seeks to encourage physical activity in a digital age, particularly for the younger generation. 

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