Elche join list of Spanish teams in European Cup triumph

EHF / Sergey Nikolaev

For the third time in four years, a team from Spain triumphed in the EHF European Cup Women. After Costa del Sol Malaga in 2021 and Rocasa Gran Canaria in 2022, it was ATTICGO Bm Elche who won the third-tier European club competition this time around.

I'm very proud of my team because they played very well today. I also want to thank all the spectators because they supported us and handball very well. Michalovce were such a great opponent and fighting for a title was an amazing road with gold ending.
Joaquín Rocamora
Head coach, ATTICGO Bm Elche
We fought for a title but played against a better opponent. Girls and everyone in the club were trying to do their best and we tried all tactics but as I said, our opponent was better. I’m also glad about our fans because we had such big support and a full house. Congratulations to the winners!
Peter Kostka
Head coach, MSK IUVENTA Michalovce

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