Dunarea Braila make history

Filip Mishov
EHF / Filip Mishov

The strong start by the hosts and the four-goal lead (5:1) in the opening minutes didn't discourage Podravka Vegeta to give up early. After a timeout called by the coach - Ivica Obrvan, the resurgence of the visitors began as they were able to find the back of the net with ease punishing each and every mistake of Dunarea Braila to take a two-goal lead at the break. However, once the hosts consolidated their defense in the second half and minimized the number of technical errors, they took over the control of the tie once again and dictated the tempo until the very end. Finally, Dunarea Braila celebrated securing a place in the EHF Finals for the first time in their history as they made it one step further than last season when they were eliminated at this stage of the EHF's second-tier club competition.

Podravka Cropped
It was a very good match, we were really good. We were dreaming to make a surprise, but I think we played okay, we fought hard. Of course, some little things in the first match made a big difference, but we are satisfied with the game and I wish Braila best of luck in the EHF Finals.
Marko Brezic
Assistant coach, HC Podravka Vegeta
Dunarea Cropped
As expected, it was very hard. We knew they would come with everything they've got, but we had great moments. We had some bad moments as well, but in the end we fixed everything. We really enjoy the history we made today. We know that this is a big thing for Braila and we really tried to enjoy every second of the game. So congratulations to Podravka, they are a great team, but I’m
very happy about ourselves. Our big heart and clean mind lead us to victory!
Kristina Liscevic
Centre back. H.C. Dunarea Braila

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