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EHF European League

Toulouse celebrate first win in Irun

EHF / Kevin Domas

Irun may have eliminated French side PAUC from the European League last season, but tonight the Spanish side could not do anything against Toulouse.

Despite missing several key players, including Ayoub Abdi and Mathieu Marmier, Toulouse made the most of the circumstances to take the lead in the first half. After the break, the visitors remained strong enough to secure their first win in this season’s group phase.


Bidasoa Irun (ESP) vs Fenix Toulouse HB (FRA) 24:26 (11:13)

  • Scoring a 3:0 run within the first ten minutes, the visitors took control on the scoreboard. With Erwin Feuchtmann netting four in the first half alone, the French made their advantage grow up to four goals at the 17th minute, before going back to the dressing room leading by two.
  • Although Toulouse were never able to shake off Bidasoa’s resistance after the break, the Spanish side never managed to come closer than two goals on the scoreboard.
  • Erwin Feuchtmann was the best scorer of the game, scoring six for Toulouse.
  • Thanks to this win, the French side catches up with Irun at third place of the group, as four teams are now at four points.

Erwin Feuchtmann, the Swiss knife from Chile

Playing right back being a right-hander is not exactly the easiest task in handball. But due to Ayoub Abdi’s injury, Erwin Feuchtmann has accepted the duty without saying a word. Like the true team player that he is. Tonight, it seemed like Irun’s players did not know how to defend him in the first half, as the Chilean international netted four times in the first half. And this is how Toulouse turned an injury into an advantage tonight.


We prepared for a difficult game and we are happy because we got the victory based on our defense.
Jef Lettens
Goalkeeper, Fenix Toulouse HB

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