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Flash quotes: match day 4

Post-match statements after the fourth day of the EHF EURO 2022 in Hungary and Slovakia.


Portugal vs Hungary
Iceland vs Netherlands


Germany vs Austria
Belarus vs Poland


Portugal vs Hungary 30:31

Budapest, 16 January - Quotes from Hungary coach Istvan Gulyas (HUN), right back Dominik Mathe (HUN) and right wing Pedro Rodríguez (HUN), and Portugal coach Paulo Pereira (POR), goalkeeper Gustavo Capdeville (POR) and centre back Rui Silva (POR) after Hungary beat Portugal 31:30 in their group B preliminary round match at the Budapest Handball Arena on Sunday.

Istvan Gulyas (HUN) — coach

On the match:

“As far as I know, Portugal also had problems before the European championship just like us, so to take this into consideration it was a very good match this evening. I think my team played with less pressure today; with more liberty. And I hope we have more in reserve. What is the greatest joy for us this evening is the joy of the Hungarian fans, so thank you to them for this atmosphere.”

On the last timeout:

“In the last timeout, Mate Lekai told the whole team what they should play and it was a very good choice from him. Dominik was successful in this situation.”

Dominik Mathe (HUN) — right back

On the match:

“It was an amazing fight today. In the beginning we were sleeping a little bit but in the second half we turned to another level and we could manage to win the match. Our second goalkeeper [Márton Szekély] had an amazing day. He played in Portugal as well, in the last season. He was the key and also our defence to switch off the seven-against-six play that the Portugal team is playing the best I think in the world. Of course, I am really happy to manage to win this match.”

Pedro Rodríguez (HUN) – right wing

On their performance:

“After the defeat against the Netherlands, this victory in front of our amazing fans will give us a great impulse for our third match in Group B. Portugal is a very good team, we did not have an easy task today, the whole game was full of ups and downs, but we eventually managed to win it with some great performances in our team. This is what we have been working for in the past two years, however we still have a huge task ahead of us against Iceland.”

Paulo Pereira (POR) — coach

On the match:

“I think it was a very good spectacle for handball fans and for our sport. It was really a great game. I think you know we have 10 Covid cases. I don’t know if Hungary has the same problem. I think it is a little bit unfair, what we had in the last moments.

“Sometimes I ask myself what would happen if we made a normal preparation. Because we came here, we lost by one. We lost by four against Iceland, without playing, because everyone is in quarantine. We train in groups of three players to keep them in shape. Sometimes I ask myself what would happen if we had a normal preparation. But this is the past — it was really a great game and congratulations to Hungary.”

Gustavo Capdeville (POR) — goalkeeper

On the match:

“They made a very good game, like us. It was a very good fight. I’m very happy with my team, with Portugal, because we did less mistakes than against Iceland. We had a perfect attitude and I think that is the most important. We went into the final minute drawn — one up, one down. And in the end Hungary won.”

Rui Silva (POR) – centre back

On the match:

“I think we played a better handball today, but it was not enough. We missed a few chances at the end and Hungary took their opportunities.”

On their upcoming match against the Netherlands:

“We have one more game left and we really want to win that one because we came here to have victories. I think Iceland can win all of their games and if it happens, we will still have the chance to advance from the group stage.”


Iceland vs Portugal 29:28

Budapest, 16 January - Quotes from Iceland coach Gudmundur Gudmundsson (ISL), line player Ýmir Gíslason (ISL) and goalkeeper Björgvin Pall Gustavsson (ISL) and Netherlands coach Erlingur Richardsson (ISL), goalkeeper Bart Ravensbergen (NED) and right back Kay Smits (NED) after Iceland beat the Netherlands 29:28 in their group B preliminary round match in Budapest on Sunday.

Gudmundur Gudmundsson (ISL) — coach

On the match:

“It was a very, very difficult game. We had prepared very well because we have great respect for the Netherlands and we have seen the development of the team, which has been very positive in the last years. So we expected a very difficult game and it was like that.

“If I look at the whole game, we started the attack against 6-0. I was extremely happy with the progress of the team. I think we played very well. We had some problems late in the game when they changed the defence to 5-1. We were a little bit hesitant and they could close the defence, and we had some problems. At the same time we also did not score from clear chances and they were running counter attacks against us so they came closer and closer all the time.

“I’m really happy in the end, with the defence of my team. But first of all, I’m happy with the victory against a very strong Netherlands team.”

On the next game, against Hungary, and the fact that Iceland could still be knocked out despite two wins:

“This is the situation and we are of course aware of that. This is the way it is. It is a very hard group. We need to win against Hungary to be able to qualify — that is also our goal. We believe we have a chance there. They are of course playing at home and have 20,000 spectators to support them, but I think we have a chance and we will do everything we can to qualify for the main round.”

Ýmir Gíslason (ISL) — line player

On the match:

“We had a little bit of difficulty in the game in the defence. They are really fast and play really good. In attack I think we had really good control against their 6-0 but when they changed to 5-1 they played a little bit more aggressive and they did that really well.

"Also in the second half they ran a lot on us so we were a little bit tired. I think they were also a little bit tired. It was a really fast game today. But overall, I’m just really happy about these two points and our win today.”

Erlingur Richardsson (ISL) — Netherlands coach

On the match:

“It was a tight game at the end. We had some problems in the defence most of the time and in the second half we changed the defence to 5-1, and that helped us to come back. I think we did also too many mistakes. Losing balls too easily a few times. That is of course too many easy balls for a good team like Iceland.

“I have to say a big compliment to my players to fight and come back and make at least a hard game for Iceland. It’s also important for us to be in tight games in a competition like that. This is game number five for the Netherlands in a final European championship and that’s what is really important — to play a game like that.”

On the game against Portugal:

“We cannot focus too much ahead. The focus today was all on this game, so we just have to start to work tonight and to get in good shape for Portugal. They showed us also today that they are — like everyone — getting better every day. Strong team, strong group, so of course we still want to improve our game and put the name of the Netherlands on the handball map.”

Bart Ravensbergen (NED) — goalkeeper

On the match:

“I think they played very disciplined in attack. I think we needed a few more saves in the first half. They played very well and we had some difficulties there, but I’m proud of the team — how we fought back. At the end, we made it a game, that we came to a draw.

"At the end, it was the small details that made a difference. That hurts. But at the end, I think we have to be proud and not be down too long because we have a very good chance against Portugal and we look forward to the next game.”

Björgvin Pall Gustavsson (ISL) – goalkeeper

On the match:

“We played against a team which is in good form. In the second half they were very fast and athletic. The opponent was very confident because they won the last match, but we managed to win and that was the most important.”

On their final preliminary round match against Hungary:

“I am waiting for the next clash. Every match in this group is hard, 19,000 Hungarian fans and 1,000 Icelandic will be here, so it is going to be a great game, that is sure.”

Kay Smits (NED) – right back

On the result:

“Despite we missed some easy shots and sometimes we made horrible mistakes in passing we were able to come close to Iceland. I think we were less sharp than during the previous match.”

On their final preliminary round match against Portugal:

“Now we are fully focused on the game against Portugal where we need to switch on again and perform because this team deserves to qualify to the main round.”


Germany vs Austria 34:29

Bratislava, 16 January – Quotes from Germany coach Alfred Gislason (ISL) and left back Simon Ernst (GER), and Austria coach Ales Pajovic (SLO) and goalkeeper Golub Doknic (AUT) after Germany beat Austria (34:29) in their group D preliminary round match in Bratislava on Sunday.

Alfred Gislason (ISL) - coach, Germany

On the game:

“We are very happy with this victory. We started bad – in the first half, Austria was the best team on the court. We had big problems in defence, thankfully Till Klimpke was very good. In the second half, we played better defence and our goalkeeper was still good. We were better in attack as well, so I’m satisfied with the team performance tonight.”

Simon Ernst (GER) - left back

On the game:

“It was the hard game we expected, there is no easy game in the EURO. The first half was hard. We were not there from minute one, we will have to work on this for the next games. In the second half, our defence was more intense, and together, as a team, we managed to secure the win.”

Ales Pajovic (SLO) - coach, Austria

On the game:

“It was a hard game, my players gave 100%, they played better than against Poland but it was not enough. In the second half, we did not have the power to compete. We gave everything, our defence and goalkeepers were good. We had the chance to win today; we did not use it.”

Golub Doknic (AUT) - goalkeeper

On the game:

“It was a big fight, a good game that we played today. We had our chance but Germany, especially in the last 15 minutes, they were the better team. Hopefully next time we can come out as winners.”



Bratislava, 16 January — Quotes from Poland coach Patryk Rombel (POL), line player Kamil Syprzak (POL), Belarus coach Iouri Chevtsov (BLR), right wing Mikita Vailupau (BLR) after Poland beat Belarus 29:20 in their group D preliminary round match in Bratislava on Sunday.

Patryk Rombel (POL) - coach

On the match against Belarus:

“We knew we will play against a good team. It’s too bad we couldn't use all players, and Belarus didn’t have [Uladizislau] Kulesh. We had more options than Belarus. We fulfilled our goals. I want to thank my players, we had great defence and good attack. We won and we are happy, however the result doesn't show the real quality between these two teams.’’

On the next match against Germany:

“We will start our preparation already tonight, watch their last match. It’s just like usual. We know what we play for and we want to take points with us to the next round. It will be a strong match. We will do our best to win it.”

Kamil Syprzak (POL) - line player

On the match against Belarus:

“I am proud of the job we did tonight. It was a great match for us and very important win. We knew it’s not going to be easy playing against Belarus. They have tried different tactics, however, we had an answer to it. We tried to be strong in defence and they couldn’t deal with it. We are happy that we are in the main round. We played as a real team which is important in hard times like this.”

On the next match against Germany:

“We need to rest first and then we will start to prepare for Germany. We know how important that match is, that winner goes with two points in the main round. Also, we know what Germany plays, what problems they have and there is an opportunity for us.”

Iouri Chevtsov (BLR) - coach

On the match against Poland:

“Poland was better and they deserved to win. They played aggressive defence and we had problem in attack because of that. We tried to play without a goalkeeper, and different things, but it wasn’t successful for us.”

Mikita Vailupau (BLR) - right wing

On the match against Poland:

“Poland showed a good performance tonight. We must play like that, until the end with spirit. If we want to play at high level, we must play hard and believe in us.”

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